Traditional Recipes From India & Sri Lanka

Keeping age-old recipes from South Asian kitchens alive, Tradition IndoCeylon, ranked amongst the best restaurants in Maldives, is a beautiful overwater restaurant that celebrates authentic Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Savour a memorable fine dining experience surrounded by stunning lagoon views.

Each dish on the menu carries the testimony of culinary heritage, from classic Indian kebabs to Sri Lankan curries flavoured with coconut milk and fresh spices. You will be treated to a culinary feast, with enticing flavours, fantastic presentation, and ethnic style platters.

Indian & Sri Lankan Cuisine Dinner

A Bite Of South Asia

South Asian cuisine is all about celebrating spices, aroma, colourful ingredients, and unique cooking styles, whether found in street food or traditional kitchens.

We celebrate this culinary diversity in inspired dishes from Kebab Platters and Tikkas to Slow Cooked Lentils, from Biryani to Creamy Coconut-Based Curries, and more.


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